A Thought About E Cigarette Things


E cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes are sweeping the marketplace in that they offer an alternate means of “smoking” as opposed to regular, tobacco-based cigarettes. They simply burn a vapor inside of a metal tube that simulates smoke. The smoker inhales the vapor, that can be made flavorful, even to the point of containing nicotine, and has a simulation of a smoking experience.

The interesting thing is that now, since e cigarettes have become very popular, governmental agencies have taken interest in the new fad, as a form of revenue. They are there to be regulated and taxed, since it cannot be determined “what is in them.” On the face of it, this is pretty ridiculous, since the ingredients that are contained are very straightforward and obvious.

It seems that many people have found e cigarettes to be a valid method of getting off of tobacco-based cigarettes. It is no secret that regular cigarettes have caused all kinds of horrible sicknesses and terrible forms of death, and yet the governments allow them to proliferate, largely due to the immense revenue derived from them.

The e cigarette revolution seems doomed to be taxed as well, and this will add to the cost of the product, and yet it will continue to gain in popularity in spite of it.

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